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Heroine – What Qualities Make an Ideal Heroine and How to Become One?

There is nothing specific that goes into making famous heroines. A combination of factors contributes to the making of heroines in history or heroines in literature. A heroine is accorded the same respect and reverence as a hero. They are given the same place of position in the great halls of cinematic fame.

So many women actors have influenced our lives. Their performances in films have left a lasting impact on cinematic paradigms. Many have set trends that others follow to this day. Although traditionally cinema has been a male-dominated bastion, a female protagonist completes the loop. Without which, cinema would be dull, boring, listless, and non-realistic.

What goes into the making of a great heroine?

The following are some qualities that great yesteryear and contemporary heroines have.


This quality is a must-have and goes without saying. If luck can give a chance to movie heroines, only talent can sustain it. A heroine might have got a lucky opportunity. But only talent can sustain her in a fiercely competitive film industry. There are a lot of actresses that come and go. They are like a flash in the pan or like seasons. They are best captured as static heroine photos and not as motion picture artists. Their talents are exposed after some time. Soon they become ordinary. People start looking for films with fresh faces for actresses.

Hard work

Some of the most talented heroines have never really lived up to their potential. That’s because they never used their potential fully. Talent is never available in the purest form. Only with hard work, perseverance and determination does it become so. If a talented heroine is still called so after acting in more than twenty films, then you can say she is an under-achiever. Instead, if she is called an accomplished actress, it indicates she has fulfilled her potential.


After an actress tastes success with a film, she is inundated with heroine movies. At this point of time, she has multiple options. Out of these options, most roles would not be right for her. The choice she makes at this juncture determines her destiny, since bad choices make good heroines bad. This moment-of-truth situation is faced by every successful heroine.

Modern-day actresses have managers and PR agencies who manage them. As part of managing their acting assignments, a part of their responsibility is to help actresses make good choices.

Support of good directors

The role of directors and producers in shaping an actress’s career cannot be denied. One single film has the potential to exponentially increase an actress’s prospects. Some heroines have had opportunities to work with good directors very early in their careers. This gave them an excellent launch-pad to establish their presence in the film industry. A heroine has to have the backing and goodwill of other people in the film industry.

Being at the right place at the right time

Luck plays a pivotal role in any artist’s career. Somehow artists do not want to believe that luck controls their destiny. Some actresses believe that luck comes with adequate preparation and meeting the right people.

Modern actresses live by this philosophy. Being at the right place at the right time is the new-age formula to be successful and generate heroine fantasy. The new millennium media supports this by following actresses and giving them adequate media coverage. So fame and being in public limelight is never a problem for them.

How to become a heroine

The following are some tips to become a heroine.

  • Join an acting school. Get contacts. Don’t try to be a super heroine, but a very good artist.
  • Don’t try to mimic other heroines. Try to be an original artist.
  • Attend after-parties of films. Be there at their launches. Getting contacts of directors, and producers is never a problem nowadays.
  • Make a portfolio of your acting skills. Portray versatility.
  • Watch a lot of films. Enroll in theatre.
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